Brittany property diagnostic reports explained

It is compulsory for the vendor to have the following diagnoses carried out on their property:   
Performance Energetique or DPE – This report looks at the energy efficiency of the property, concidering levels of insulation, double/single glazing, type of heating system and renewable energy systems. 

Amiante – Asbestos report for houses built before 1997
Plomb CREP  – Lead report covers levels of lead in old paintwork or pipework.

Etat Parasitaire – Wood report covers the state of the woodwork and will be looking for wet rot, dry rot, woodworm, deathwatch beetle etc.
Technological, Mining and Natural risks – The buyer has to be formally informed as to whether the property is located in an area of such risks. It is also part of the vendor’s obligation to advise whether he knows of any insurance claims which would have be made due to such circumstances.  
Sanitation – If you are on mains drains or have a septic tank already with a conformity certificate this may not be necessary, but otherwise the local commune will need to test your septic tank / or main drains connexion to see if it conforms with current regulations. If not, the buyer will have one year to conform. The sanitation control report is valid for 3 years.
Gas installation report – Safety report taken out on fixed gas installations. Whether central heating or just gas hob.
Electric Report – Safety report to look at all aspects of the internal electricity installation.
These reports are carried out by specialised companies and must have valid insurance cover and the proper qualifications and certifications. Ask your Agent to confirm.