France property buying guide

Simple steps for purchasing in Brittany

1. Choose, search and visit an area where you would like to have your breton home, Brittany is made up of four regions, Morbihan (56), Cotes D'Armor (22), Illes-et-Vilaine (35) and Finistere (29). Ideally have a mortgage approval 'in principle' in place before viewing, giving you a budget to work too and have your Foreign Exchange account up and running, ready to trade and transfer funds as and when needed.

2. Once you have found your dream property an offer is made and once accepted in writing is binding for the vendor, the agent or Notaire will then draw up the initial contract of sale (compromis de vente), At this point you must advise whether you are purchasing subject to a mortgage approval (clause suspensive) or are cash buyers, if with mortgage you will normally have 30 or  45 days to obtain your mortgage. You will also be required to pay a 10% deposit either to the Agent or the Notaire at the time of signing of this initial contract.

3. Please be sure to read and understand all of the contract including the diagnostic reports and the sanitation report that are annexed to the contract (see diagnostics reports for further info).  For help see our recommended translator's in the services section above.

4. Brittany-Property-Direct strongly recommend using an independant surveyor to survey the property before you sign an initail contract of sale. Please feel free to ask for our list of surveyors here...

5. After both parties have signed the compromis de vente, the file goes to the Notaire and once the formalities are clear a completion date is set. Normally taking between 2/3 months.

6. Completion: Either party may sign by procuration if unable to attend